Meridian provides competent personnel that fully understand the electrical transmission and distribution networks in the UK with the capability of developing and implementing effective compliant management systems.

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What is LRQA NERS Personnel?

LRQA NERS Personnel relates to the key positions an Independent Connections Provider (ICP) must provide in order to achieve compliance with the LRQA NERS requirements.

Who is it for?

Organisations seeking LRQA NERS accreditation and benefit from opportunities to design, build and extend electrical networks.
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How we can help

Meridian understands the requirements of the LRQA NERS scheme and has the capability to develop the management systems, policies, and operational procedures to achieve a successful outcome.

Meridian have become an integral part of our Organisation's ICP operations, understanding and supporting our objectives.
Ben Walters – Compliance Manager – Skanska Construction

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